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Lord_Taylorn tag  created a new thread Larger-scale EU4 in the Off Topic forum
lufcraft tag  created a new thread Of topic in the General Discussion forum
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The most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life.
4 General Discussion
Horse murderer in Paris.
2 General Discussion
Sagest   created a new thread Aragon War To Take Pamplona in the Roleplay forum
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Vacation Notice
8 General Off Topic
Possibly the Final Return of Namethatmanxx
1 General Off Topic
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Rare Photos of the Mexican-American War.
0 General Off Topic
About adding 1 enchant type to bows.
2 General Discussion
[Owner] Termite117 tagHey guys just to let everyone know i will be going on vacation till Thursday. Its my spring break so XInstinctX will be in charge of our server till i get back. Bye!
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Xxx_Jesus_xxX tag  And that was the last time the members of RenCraft ever heard of Termite117....
namethatmanxx   rip in pieces
[Owner] XInstinctX tagtag  created a new thread -=- Eligibility for Election -=- in the Holy Roman Empire forum
Xxx_Jesus_xxX tag  created a new thread TheFish's new RP character. in the Character Roleplay/Character Introduction forum
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La Banque Royaume de la France
1 France
-=- Orden der Miliz und der Kaiser -=-
4 Holy Roman Empire
jp5243   created a new thread Supremacy 1914 in the General Off Topic forum
CameronBender16   created a new thread Polands New Reign! in the General Discussion forum
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Supremacy 1914
0 Games
240th Anniversary of Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" Speech
0 Politics and History
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Alxlerno is no longer staff.
Fixed not being able to light fires?
Took out the .enjin part of our website adress.
Removed Grappling Hooks. Preparing for more recipes.
Created new forums under the (Forums > Roleplay >) section. Tag me in a post if you want it moving to a different forum.
Moderator Ban System implemented!, Combat rules updated!
Added Religion to /cc fields. Lowered Town Claim cost to 150
Enchantments are now only allowed if you get them from events and they have a custom colored name.
We now have some new commands due to a post about hiding players on dynmap. The new commands are /dynmap hide and /dynmap show. It basically explains itself in the name to hide yourself on dynmap so people cant see you no matter what do /dynmap hide
Please vote on if we should have the Thirst plugin again.
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